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Burn! Burn until you see the underworld! Burn until you see death! Burn! BURN!

Nitidus, Puzzles

Type Pyrus Nitidus
First appearance Puzzles
Gender Male
Attribute 20px-PyrusIcon Pyrus
Power 1200 (RP) G
Variations Nitidus
Brawler TBA
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Nitidus is an evil Pyrus Bakugan of the Abyss Brigade.


A large, humanoid- and dragon-like creature with massive, terrifying wings, Nitidus is a intimidating opponent. He can use his wings as a shield, for they can cover up his entire body. Nitidus can also fly at high speeds, and often uses aerial-based attacks. He is also seen attacking from the skies. On ground, he is equally powerful and aggressive. Sometimes, his appearence alone is enough to frighten off mighty opponents.


Nitidus is a calm and cool Bakugan, despite being a Pyrus Bakugan. He is also extremely intelligent and can easily solve riddles, as well as making up clever ones, which is a hobby of his. Despite his nature, he is highly vicious and explosive, and will rage at almost anyone if one bad thing is said about him. He also has no patience for Acanthus, since his intelligence rival's that of Nitidus. Nitidus is also seen as an aggressive battler, even attacking his own teammates just to pressure them into going beyond their limits of power.


Bakugan: Code ChronicleEdit

Nitidus will make his debut in Puzzles, battling alongside Immanis.

Ability CardsEdit

Gate CardsEdit


  • "Nitidus" is Latin for radiant.




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