Negative Haos Luxtor
Debut War-Games
Used By Baku-Cool
Gender Male
Age unknown
G-Power 1050 Gs
Attribute Negative Haos Negative Haos
Weaponry Digging
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Nike is Baku-Cool's Negative Haos Luxtor from Negative Lux in Bakugan: Wind Tamer.


Nike unleashes a powerful deabilitating beam from his four eyes. He burrows into the ground to nullify the effects of a Gate card. During battle he will cover his whole body with a metallic shield to fend off an opponent's attack.


Ability Cards Edit

  • Destruction Sunbeam:
  • Sepelia:
  • Bright Colours:
  • Sunbeam Pulsar:
  • Haos Freeze:
  • Lightning Twister:
  • Soul Purifyer:
  • Lightning Frenzy:
  • Hyper Digger Smash:
  • Sun Ray:
  • Light Stunworks:
  • Enrapturing Atmosphere:
  • Underground Aurora:
  • Cyber Booster:


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