The Negative Tenebris is a gargantuan black hole located far off from Vestroia and Gundalia/Neathia. Its cora is revealed to be a mountainous planet desolate of life and the bones of many Bakugan can be seen jutting out of various parts of the planet. Its gravitation field is so strong that it was eventually enclosed in a pocket dimension, only accessible by finding the portal to it. Only Subterra/Darkus/Aquos Bakugan with complete control of their abilities could break into the Dimension without having to locate the portal. After he was exiled and banished to this realm, Drake used his nature mode powers and drawing power he stole from Diego to somehow create dense forestry. The portals could be used in reverse since Drake utilized passages that seemingly led to different dimensions albeit not back to the mother dimension of Earth and Vestroia. After Drake assimilated the dimension with his Nature mode powers, Darkus Dharaks could learn Nature Mode in this dimension.

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