Negative Attributes is a new generation of attributes, Bakugan that are created by this attribute are extremely dangerous. Some of the Negative Bakugan can change into any Bakugans or Support Pieces aka, Shape-Shifters.


Negative Attributes had a dimension called Negative Dimension. Below is the list of place on Negative Dimension:

  • Negative Ignis - Negative Ignis is place where the Negative Pyrus Bakugan live. It's know that Negative Ignis is a Fire styled place where lots of fire creatures and volcano mountains exist.
  • Negative Aqua - Negative Aqua is the place where the Negative Aquos Bakugan live. Negative Aqua is a place fulled with water, they are not beasts, but have enough power to attack.
  • Negative Lux - Negative Lux is the place where the Negative Haos Bakugan live. Negative Lux is a special location where the Negative Haos Bakugan can hide from Darkus Bakugan. It is also a trap place for Darkus Bakugan. It is shiny and clean.
  • Negative Tenebris - Negative Tenebris is a place where the Negative Darkus Bakugan live. It is deep and dark. The creatures here are also very creepy, and no Bakugan have ever returned from this place.
  • Negative Ventus - Negative Ventus is the place where the Negative Ventus Bakugan live. This place is on top of the sky, full of wind, and the creatures here are made of air.
  • Negative Terra - Negative Terra is the place where the Negative Subterra Bakugan live. It is completely flat, full of dust, and is dirty. The creatures there are made of rock, and are extremely powerful.


There are lots of Negative Bakugan species there, although many have not been found. Below is the list of them.




  • Negative Haos Sechs
  • Negative Haos Nike
  • Negative Haos Lumino Dragonoid


  • Negative Darkus Hollow
  • Negative Darkus Coredem


  • Negative Subterra Sabator


  • Negative Ventus Twin





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