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Type Aquos Narbola
First appearance Virtual Clash, Part 2
Gender Male
Attribute 20px-AquosIcon Aquos
Power 1300 G
Variations Narbola
Brawler Unknown
Battle Gear Propelix
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Main Adversary Letus Phos

Narbola is the main Aquos antagonist in Bakugan: Power of the Hearts.


A dangerous leviathan-like Bakugan, Narbola is a Bakugan that can only survive with water surrounding it. Though he is vulnerable on land, once in the water, he is almost unbeatable by non-Aquos Bakugan. His large tail propels him through the water like a torpedo, launching surprise attacks at his enemies. His BakuDrone is Propelix.


Narbola is a vicious savage with no care for his opponents' survival. He loves to clamp his claws around his opponent and just watch them suffer slowly. Narbola is slow to finish battles, which often causes his downfall. His one great weakness is his desire to make his opponent's punishment last.


Narbola debuts in Virtual Clash, Part 2, inflitrating the protagonists' base and forcing Hunter Phos into battling him. The battle continues on to part 2, and Phos barely emerges victorious.

Narbola grows suspicious of Mercuritris's true intentions and becomes fearful of his survival throughout the series. This leads him to rebel in Suspicion, giving Phos vital information on Mercuritris's new design. Afterwards, he sacrifices himself to Mercuritris so that Phos could escape the enemy base. He then becomes a part of Terminal Mercuritris, leaving only Embrial to be absorbed into the ultimate being.

Ability CardsEdit

  • Depth Bind: The opponent's Bakugan is unable to use support pieces or send in new Bakugan. If they counter this ability, 3 of their abilities are removed from the game.
  • Abyssal Dive: The entire battlefield is surrounded in water. The opponent's abilities are halved against Narbola. (this ability must be activated to use Narbola in battle, unless the field already has a source of an Aquos environment)
  • Crush Riptide: Adds 600 Gs to Narbola, destroys the gate, and reduces the opponent to their base level.
  • Blind Undertow: The opponent can't use abilities.
  • Brine Pillar: Subtracts 500 Gs from each opponent.
  • Stun Slam: Transfers 300 Gs from the opponent to Narbola and removes one of their previously used abilities from the game.
  • Predator Breach: The opponent's abilities can only affect 700 Gs or less per turn.
  • Torpedo Lock: Reduces the opponent back to their base level and subtracts an additional 500 G if the opponent has used more than 4 abilities so far.


  • Narbola's name was originally intended to be a knock-off of "narwhal". His design was changed to look more like a leviathan than a whale for a more villainous appearance. However, his name was kept the same.


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