My Dear Brother
FSBlaze full
Season 2
Episode Number 26
Preceeded By Feeding The Fire
Followed By Hard Core

"My Dear Brother" is Season 2 episode 26 of Bakugan: Secrets of The Shadows.


Lillybeth who is currently staying on Earth, with her brother, Firestormblaze. While watching him train one morning, she asks Blaze to train her. He agrees to teach her, and he walks away, stating they'll start in the morning. Firestormblaze, who was meditating in the living area, was interrupted by Lily. She asked if they could start training. He accepted, and the training began. Blaze decided to put his aranaut to rest, and use some of his weaker Bakugan. He pulled out his Subterra Coredems, and Pyrus Cosmic Ingram. The battle was on, Lily started off with her Dragonoid Colossus, and Blaze with his Subterra Coredem (Rebellion). The first round went to Blaze. As the battled, he taught her strategy. What Bakugan to use, and how to use them. He told her their weaknesses, and strengths. In the second round, Lily and her Avior won against his Ingram. In the last round, Blaze used his Subterra Coredem (Arngrim), and was victorious. Blaze decided that it was enough for the day, and ordered a pizza. While he ordered, Lily freshened up. When the pizza finally came, Lily was already done. Blaze began to flirt with the pizza delivery girl, causing Lily, and his Bakugan to become annoyed. Later that day, Firestormblaze went out to hang with his friends (Masters, Aides, Faviola). He came home that night, with his sister fast asleep, and decided he would relax, and prepare for the next day of training.


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