Mother of a Demon
Season 3
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Followed By When Devils Cry


Firestormblaze is walking to his house in Bayview, when suddenly he gets the feeling he is being followed. After the events of Death's sudden appearance, he feels like he should be very alert. He comes to a crowd of people, and among them he sees a familiar face. The face of death! He looks again, and he is no where to be found. He continues walking, until he turns a corner, and sees him again. He starts to believe it's just paranoia, so he begins to walk faster. He finally reaches his house, and when he opens the door, Death is sitting on his couch looking at a picture of his mother! Death greets him, as he puts the picture down.This time he knows he's real. He goes to attack him, and death easily avoids his attacks. He taunts him, and he easily dodges, stating "Your getting sloppy. Oh so very sloppy. Are you done yet?" Then he blocks his last attack, and proceeds to counter, by punching him through a wall. This attack causes Blaze to lose consciousnesses. When he awakens, Death is still there waiting. He picks up the picture of his mother again, and begins to talk about her, as if he knew her. This angers Blaze, and he proceeds to attack but he is advised by Death not to. Then Death states, "To bad she's dead. Wanna know who killed her?", with an evil grin. Blaze accepts, and Death tells him that he murdered his own mother. Shocked Firestormblaze argues that he did not, kill his own mother. Death responds asking him how he knew, because of his loss of memory. Blaze has no answer. Death tells him that he burned his mother to death, due to the fact that he couldn't control his powers. Firestormblaze tells Death to leave, and he does, with a smirk that would make devils cry. Firestormblaze finds himself suddenly able to move, and he decides to leave, but first not without confronting someone. Firestormblaze calls Guardian Angel, and then angrily engages him, asking him why he never told him he murdered his own mother. The confused angel notices a stench. A potent stench of evil. He ignores Firestormblaze, and goes after Death knowing what he told him. When Guardian found Death, in Tartarus, he challenged him to a brawl, which he won, and warned him to stay away from Firestormblaze. Guardian then left, but not after being attacked by Death. He came close to killing him, until Death put his hand through him, declaring he would kill him for sure this time. Guardian disappeared suddenly, and a confused Death went about his business knowing he would meet him again.


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