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I'm Moonlight, and I'm an assasin! Just joking



Moonlight human form


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Moonlight is a Hurricanian Bakugan, an a member of the Hurricanian Squad and is used by Baku-Cool in Bakugan: Wind Tamer.


The fast-shooting action of his enormous claws is unique to Moonlight. The terrifying spikes that rest on his shoulders cause devastating damage to his opponents. Moonlight's mouth opens wide to shoot out hot lightning magma that his enemies fear.


Ability Cards Edit

  • Claw Attack:
  • Darkus Magma:
  • Nightmare Spiral:
  • Devastator Prison:
  • Dementian Pulsar:
  • Dark Void:
  • Ender Assault:
  • Demon Driver:
  • Halberd Cross-Slasher:
  • Obscuran Impact:
  • Soul Stealer:
  • Asylum of Death:
  • Forsaken Tragedy:
  • Darkness Severer:
  • Shade Ray:
  • Eclipse Void:

Fusion Ability Cards Edit

  • Ender Ripper:
  • Dying Spiral:


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