Mixed Signals
2003-01-05 1051
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"Mixed Signals" is a Season 2 episode of Bakugan: Secrets of The Shadows.


Every brawler is currently getting codes for something extrodinary. Top brawler specialists call them, "Mechtogan". Very few have managed to 'spawn' one. They're very rare. Every brawler is brawling really hard, to get their hands on one. Most of them, anyway. Some believe that they are nothing but bigger Bakugan, and that they don't need them to win a battle. Others want it to be easier to win, or for the big time brawlers, just to be up to date. So far Bendo has managed to spawn a Pyrus Zenthon Titan, of which he has named, Titan Z. He's also spawned a Haos Accelerak, called Accelerate. A brawler called, AgentZ is in an intense battle against, Firestormblaze. Both are hoping to spawn a Mechtogan. As the brawl starts to heat up, Blaze's Sky & Gaia Dragonoid spawns a Mechtogan, called Braxion! Firestormblaze and his Ventus duo are bringing the heat! AgentZ is down for the count. After the battle, Blaze thanks AgentZ, for helping him to spawn a Mechtogan. AgentZ accepts, and they then go their seperate ways. Firestormblaze then goes to tell his friends about his new Mechtogan. He goes to call LordMagma on his Gauntlet, when he is stopped by a mysterious Brawler.


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