Milena Kleiss [枢 美礼 (Kaname Mirei)] is a mysterious female Brawler who possess knowledge (and obsession) for an obscure energy called "God Particles."

What a nice name! Do you want me to put the Guns on you?

—Milena to Gunz, Eikouden Einferia

Milena Kleiss
Portrayer {{{portrayer}}}
Physical description
Age Unknown (appears 16)
Gender Female
Hair color Pink
Eye color Pink (with star)
Personal information
Allies Mephisto Brotherhood
Enemies Team Einferia
Weapon of choice Whip Sword
Main attribute Unknown
Guardian Bakugan Unknown
Chronological and political information
Position Unknown
Aliases Silly-Milly
Affiliation Zeal of Minerva
First Appearance Unsurpation by Unbeknownst
Current level: {{{level}}}

Character InformationEdit

Instead of using Bakugan, Milena commands an army of "Happy Tree Friends" in Morphing Marble form called "Zoobles." She aims to restore the Zoobles pride because she believed that Bakugan and Brawlers are insulting Zoobles. She would harness any kind of energy needed in order to accomplish that daunting task.

In actuality, Milena is a powerful Zooble called Coron who has a long standing vendetta against the Battle Brawlers.


  • Milena was conceptualized from the idea of combining cutesy Zoobles with the vengeful Mechtogan named Coredegon.
  • Kaname means Door while Mirei means Future. Her Japanese name altogether means Door to the Future.
  • Her Japanese family name is reference to the Puella Magi (note the pinkness).


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