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I WILL defeat you, weakling


453px-Pyrus HawktorBD
Debut Meteo Shower
Used By Baku-Cool
Gender Male
Age 33
G-Power 950 Gs
Attribute 20px-PyrusIcon Pyrus
Weaponry Aerial combat
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Main Adversaries {{{adversaries}}}
Friends Pyrus Spatterix, Splice, Ferno, Tex, Blitzer, Hikari, Mag, Superman, Cyborg, more...
Enemies Everyone (except friends)
Battle Gear Silver Swayther
Mechtogan none
Mechtogan Titan none
MechFrame none
Status Alive
Meteo is a Pyrus Hawktor, one of Baku-Cool's Bakugan and member of The Searers in Bakugan: Wind Tamer.


Meteo is a proud, respectable Bakugan, with a strong sense of justice. Quick and agile, he displays unrivaled strength in aerial combat. Resourceful and intellectual, Meteo's eyesight is very good.


In Meteo Shower, he crashes down at the Hurricanian Castle. He awakes, with guards attacking him savagely for trying to enter. Pyrus Spatterix attempts to reason with Razenoid's judgement, but after the vicious battle with The Deadly Brawlers last season, he ignores Spatterix. It comes to the point when Spatterix lunges in front of an Aquos attack to protect a weak Meteo. Spatterix, BC and Splice treat his injuries, so he becomes eternally loyal to them and joins The Searers.

Ability Cards Edit

  • Meteor Driver: Doubles Meteo's current G-Power.
  • Aerial Inferno: Subtracts 700 Gs from the opponent to Meteo.
  • Infernal Ragnaroker: Transfers 800 Gs from the opponent to Meteo.
  • Diabolical Fire: Prevents the opponent from activating ability cards and adding support pieces for 3 turns.
  • Insanity Blast: Transfers 1000 Gs from the opponent to Meteo.
  • Insanity Shield: Nullifies the opponent's ability and adds
  • Corrosive Howler: Prevents the opponent from adding over 250 Gs to themself or subtracting over 250 Gs from Meteo. This effect is doubled against non-Pyrus Bakugan.
  • Diabolical Malvinus: Prevents the opponent from activating abilities.
  • Sky Attack: Adds 800 Gs to Meteo. If he sacrifices 500 Gs, the opponent's G-Power is dropped to zero.
  • Flaming Golem: If the opponent attempts to nullify any of Meteo's abilities, they automatically lose.
  • Flaming Ace: Drops the opponent down to Meteo's base level and halves all of their abiity effects.
  • Searing Boiler: Halves the opponent's G-Power and quadruples your ability effects, if he has a higher G-Power than the opponent.
  • Heat Wave Impact: Skips the opponent's turn and prevents them from activating triple or double abilities.
  • Magmatic Air Attack: Adds 1000 Gs to Meteo. If Meteo sacrifices 400 Gs, he can choose 10 abilities of the opponent's to remove for the battle.
  • Throat Slitter: Reflects all of the opponent's abilities, for the rest of the round..
  • Paralyzer Avarice Eruption: The next 5 turns are taken by Meteo.


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