Ricileon's attatchable claws.

Metal Claws are a piece of equipment used by members of The Orochimaru Clan. They're usually used for weapons, but Ricileon used them for climbing.


The claws attach to the feet and hands, replicating the Demon's claws from the Orochimaru clan. They only used the hand claws for weapons despite having foot claws.

Ricileon was the only one who used the foot claws to climb and add extra force to kicks. Her sister thought this was idiotic, but Mujika and Dekku thought it was creative.

Year of InventionEdit

The hand claws were invented on Gun Acer in 1553 as a weapon exclusively to the Orochimaru Clan. The foot claws weren't created until 1824 by request of an unknown Orochimaru clan. They ultimatley stopped being used after the Gun Acern Massacre. Ricileon still used them, being the only Gun Acern left.

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