Mercury Dragonoid
Attribute 21px-Pyrus svgPyrus
Variations Dragonoid

Delta Dragonoid Ultimate Dragonoid Infinity Dragonoid Apollonir Mock Dragonoid Neo Dragonoid Cross Dragonoid Hex Dragonoid Hyper Dragonoid Pyro Dragonoid Ultra Dragonoid Flare Dragaon Spin Dragonoid Neo Dragonoid Vortex Ultra Dragonoid Typhoon Turbine Dragonoid Cyclone Dragonoid Neo Dragonoid (7in1 Maxus) Maxus Dragonoid Maxus Cross Dragonoid Helix Dragonoid Lumino Dragonoid Blitz Dragonoid Sky & Gaia Dragonoid Dartaak Chance Dragonoid Quake Dragonoid Battalix Dragonoid Colossus Dragonoid Dragonoid Colossus Titanium Dragonoid Meta Dragonoid Iron Dragonoid Mercury Dragonoid Fusion Dragonoid Aeroblitz Dragonoid Destroyer


Mercury Dragonoid is a BakuMutant variation of Dragonoid, inBakugan: Mechtanium Surge. It may be Titanium Dragonoid's next evolution.

The Bakugan Battle League website accidentally placed a PyrusMercury Dragonoid as Titanium Dragonoid's ball form. As a BakuMutant Bakugan, the pieces of its upper and lower body can be swapped around with other members of the set, like Mutant Taylean and others. The translucent mixed series was released early as a Target exclusive. It has a base G-Power the upper body and two G-Power boosts on the lower body. If it's multi colored/Dual Atributted, you use the lower of the bonus'. If it consists of only one color, you use the higher of the bonus'.Information


A Subterra top has 750 G's, a Ventus top has 730 G's, a Pyrus top has 670 G's, a Aquos top has 750 G's. A Pyrus bottom has 210 and 130, a Haos bottom has 180 and 140, a Ventus bottom has 200 and 140, a Darkus bottom has 190 and 140.


  • Mercury Dragonoid has two holes for BakuNano, which is convenient for Hammermor.
  • Mercury Dragonoid is a cross between Titanium Dragonoid and Taylean.
  • It has the upper half of Titanium Dragonoid and the lower half of Taylean.
  • On Dimensions, all ball forms have a Pyrus top to them.
  • All monster forms on Dimensions are the same: Pyrus top with a Ventus Taylean bottom.
  • It may be possible that when the solid attributes of Mercury Dragonoid are released, they will have different forms on Bakugan Dimensions.
  • The Bakugan Dimensions Ability Card image of Mercury Dragonoid is very different than the image of Mercury Dragonoid shown on Bakugan Dimensions.


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