Mechtavius Destroyer
2012-01-01 1332
Type Darkus/Aquos/Pyrus/Haos Destroyer
First appearance Mechtavius Destroyer
Gender Male
Attribute 20px-PyrusIcon Pyrus
20px-HaosIcon Haos
20px-AquosIcon Aquos
21px-Darkus.svg Darkus
Power 5000 G
Variations Mechtavius Destroyer
Brawler Aquos Rules
Battle Gear None
Themes {{{theme}}}
Main Adversary Dragonoid Destroyer

Aquos Rules owns a combination of Darkus Coredegon, Pyrus Slycerak, Aquos Mandibor, and Haos Exostriker.


Mechtavius Destroyer is a 4-1 Mechtogan Destroyer made up of four of AR's Mechtogan. They all latch onto Coredegon making a devastating monster. His mask is terrifying. Mechtavius Destroyer is well-known for his cocky attitude. When angered, he will turn into a psycho beast and try to kill any thing in his path.


It will debut in Mechtavius Destroyer.

Notable QuotesEdit

  • "Shut up, dumb dumb."
  • "Says the one who's going DOWN!"
  • "My first phase is winning."
  • "I would prefer silence, INSECT."

Ability Cards (Combined)Edit

  • Exo-Skin Legs
  • Hydro Legs
  • Mangler Buzz Saw
  • Darkness Blazer
  • Hellfire Blast
  • Tsunami Buzz Saw
  • Dark Slate
  • Diabolical Energy Cannon


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