Mechanical Spyron
The Machine Spyron uses
Type Ventus Mechanical Spyron
First appearance TBA
Gender Female
Attribute 21px-Ventus.svg Ventus
Power 1200 G
Variations Spyron
Mechanical Spyron
Brawler The Psychic Master
Battle Gear none (incompatible)
Themes {{{theme}}}
Main Adversary Lyndsay's Splight

Mechanical Spyron is a Spyron with turbines on its back. It belongs to The Psychic Master.


When worn on the back of a Spyron, the turbines can release energy in all directions. This gives the user a distinct advantage in battle. The turbines will spurt out it's back, and crush all enemies. Spyron has an odd personality and always laughs when a team mate gets owned. He is an excellent spy, and often used as a spying drone. Spyron can be considered a "dark horse" too.


Ability CardsEdit

  • Ancient Gravity
  • Ancient Levity
  • Mosin Vital
  • Ammut
  • Revive Canapis
  • Mechanical Hurricane
  • Blazing Wind
  • Typhoon Turbines
  • Turbine Spy
  • Wind Boost
  • Spyron Canapis
  • Spyron Impact
  • Metallic Tornado


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