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My body and power has been built on the sorrow, guilt, and anger felt by those who have faced casualties. The energy created by these feelings can never be overcome, for they will be remembered either way. However, rather than use this energy for destruction, I attempt to channel it to bring life and happiness, and show that even a monstrous being like I can do good.

Matrix Destroyer

He is a monster spawned by me - another monster. His dreams are as black as the darkest corner of the multiverse. And his power can extend far beyond that.


Matrix Destroyer
Matrix Destroyerv2
Debut TBA
Used By Valentin
Title God of Destruction
Gender Male
G-Power 8000 G (RP)
Attribute Matrix Symbol Matrix
Theme Song The Unforgiven III
Main Adversaries TBA
Main Allies Celestial
Close Relationships None
Weaponry TBA
Battle Gear TBA
Signature Abilities Monotone of Destruction
Status Alive

Matrix Destroyer is a Mechtogan Destroyer spawned by Celestial and the most powerful Mechtogan on Matrix.


With powerful attacks and a huge colossal body, Matrix Destroyer is a terrifying opponent. He can easily bring devastation miles and miles across, and can wipe out hordes of opponents. A supreme tactician, Matrix Destroyer can create powerful strategies to take down opponents, though executes them blindly and without hesitation. However, these methods surprisingly work, and will leave whatever opponents he razed at in ruins, sometimes leaving no trace of his opponents at all.


Matrix Destroyer is a cruel and relentless being. He despises those he finds as weak, mainly beings who pick on the innocent, and is merciless to his opponents. He is barely emotional, and is often silent. Matrix Destroyer is also cold to other Bakugan and Mechtogan. He is also seen being uncaring to those close to his master, excluding Celestial's daughters and other small children. He is also quite arrogant, believing that he is the ultimate Mechtogan Destroyer, let alone Mechtogan. Matrix Destroyer also believes that he is capable of inflicting attacks beyond their highest levels, and is easily angered. Despite all of these traits, he is shown to be a wise being, though will not hesitate when attacking someone.


Ability CardsEdit

  • Monotone of Destruction:
  • Morituram Augmentum (Doomed Growth): Matrix Destroyer's G-Power is tripled for each Bakugan/Support Piece on the field. Each opponent Bakugan/Support Piece loses 1000 Gs for each time Matrix Destroyer's G-Power had tripled.
  • Ebony Core Mode: Matrix Destroyer can now use his Ebony Core Abilities. All of his Abilities cannot be countered nor prevented in any way. This Ability can also not be countered nor prevented in any way.

Ebony Core AbilitiesEdit

  • Anthem of Guilt:
  • Anthem of Sorrow:
  • Anthem of Devastation:
  • Ebony Anthem:


  • Morituram Augmentum is Latin for "Doomed Growth", which was that Ability Card's original name.


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