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Masterzverse is the unofficial term for the mainstream reality where the Bakugan Rise to Power series takes place.


Vestroia, Neathia, and GundaliaEdit

An entity known as Code Eve created two Bakugan; Genesis Dragonoid and Exodus Dharaknoid. Genesis Dragonoid wanted a world of beauty and diversity so he created the Core which gave birth to a world filled with Six Attributes. Dharaknoid wanted seperate worlds of light and darkness so Neathia and Gundalia were created. Dharaknoid resided on Gundalia. Code Eve hid herself in a shell on Neathia known as the Sacred Orb.

Planet Earth in Masterzverse with a glimpse of New Vestroia


  • Earth
  • New Vestroia
  • Dyzekia
  • Vestal
  • Neathia
  • Gundalia

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