Marine Freakasaur in ball form

Marine Freakasaur is a Thunderian Bakugan and the evolution of Omen Freakasaur. He was created when he gained the Aquos Energy.


  • Swagosaurus Rex - Freakasaur gains 100 G-Power.
  • PaleoMax Rover - Returns Freakasaur and all Aquos Bakugan to their base levels.
  • Tricera River - Freakasaur gains 200 G-Power.
  • DimetroSaw - Freakasaur gains 150 G-Power.
  • Freakasaur Sensei - Freakasaur's G-Power is doubled.
  • Cephala Cunning - Places 1 Bakugan your opponent controls to the owner's used pile. You must control exactly 3 Aquos Bakugan.
  • Marine Enforcement - Reverses all your opponent's G-Power boosts.

Fusion AbilitiesEdit

  • Marine Freakasaur Swagger - Freakasaur gains 1000 G-Power.

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