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Leonial von Thundar

Leonial human

Magmius Leonial

Debut TBA
Used By Icefern
Gender Male
Current Age Unknown
VB {{{VB}}}
G-Power 1200 G
Attribute 20px-HaosIcon Haos (primarily)

MagmiusHaos Magmius Haos

Status Alive
Battle Data
Fighting Style Duo Thundarius
Mechtogan None
Mechtogan Titan None
MechFrame None
Close Relationships Unknown
Main Allies Depture
Main Adversaries Unknown

Magmius Leonial is Icefern's primary Haos guardian.


An agile lion related Bakugan, Leonial rushes towards the opponent using blinding speed. Using it to his advantage, he scathes the enemy when they least expect it. With the aid of two blades mounted near his shoulders, he manipulates electricity.


Despite his normally grim mood, Leonial can be quite caring when it comes to allies. Showing no emotion in battle, his attack pattern is normally that of a rogue. He often acts arrogant, claiming to be everyone's superior.

Ability CardsEdit

  • Mane Trike- Transfers half of the opponent's G-Power to Leonial and nullifies two abilities. This ability cannot be nullified.
  • Metallic Rush- Destroys the activated gate card and transfers 800 Gs from the opponent(s) to Leonial.
  • Star Lightning- Transfers 300 G from the opponent(s) to Leonial and prevents them from activating abilities for two turns.
  • Electra Pulse- If the gate card has been open, it is destroyed and the opponent loses half of their G-Power. If it has not been activated, the opponent is prevented from activating the gate card. If the opponent attempts to nullify this ability, half of their G-Power is transferred to Leonial.
  • Disperge Adolebit- Destroys the gate, no matter if it's activated or not. The opponent loses 500 G. The opponent's most recent ability is cancelled.

Gate CardsEdit

  • Sacrificed Voltage- Leonial and the opponent are defeated.


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