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Magmius Destroyer
Type Magmius Mechtavius Destroyer
First appearance TBA
Gender Male
Attribute MagmiusDarkus Magmius Darkus

PyrusMagmius Magmius Pyrus

MagmiusAquos Magmius Aquos

MagmiusHaos Magmius Haos

Power 4800 G
Variations Magmius Darkus Coredegon

Magmius Pyrus Slycerak

Magmius Aquos Mandibor

Magmius Haos Exostriker

Brawler Icefern
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While in battle, Magmius Destroyer is commonly seen to be belligerent. He is rarely seen to show mercy.


  • Magma Shroud- Nullifies the gate card and two of the most recently activated abilities by each opponent.
  • Magma Cannon- Transfers 700 Gs from each opponent to Magmius Destroyer.
  • Magmius Destruction- Nullifies the most recently activated ability and disables the opponent(s) from using an ability for four rounds.
  • Darkfire Strike- Gives 900 Gs to Magmius Destroyer and gains the boost from the recently activated ability.


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