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Alright, flight mode, initiate!

Luxendti piloting her MR Agmen V2

MR Agmen V2
MR Agmen V2
Title Novice Matrix Regiment Frame
Pilot The Matrix Regiment
Gender Male
G-Power 2000 G
Attribute Matrix Symbol Matrix
Theme Song N/A
Main Allies MR Agmen
Main Adversaries None
Status Alive

The Matrix Regiment Agmen Version Two, or MR Agmen V2 is a MechFrame series designed for the use of Matrix Regiment soldiers, and the second version of MR Agmen.


With an upgraded body far more powerful than its predecessor MR Agmen, it can fly and high speeds. The MR Agmen V2 is also capable of equipping many weapons at once, and can even fuse weapons together to make a whole new weapon. It can also convert certain types of energy in fuel that amplifies its attacks.


Like its predecessor, MR Agmen, MR Agmen V2 is only loyal to its pilot an no one else. It is also noble and is far more intelligent than its previous form.


Ability CardsEdit

  • Radiant Crossfire:

Gate CardsEdit

  • Matrix Regiment Agmen Version Two (MR Agmen V2): If the opponent is using a MechFrame in this round, MR Agmen V2 gains 1500 Gs for each MechFrame and each Bakugan on the field while the opponent's Bakugan/Support Pieces each lose G-Power equal to that amount. If the opponent is not using a MechFrame in this round, however, the opponent cannot use any Support Pieces, including MechFrames, at all for the rest of the brawl.


  • Its colors were based on the colors of the Gestein Unit MechFrames.
  • It is Luxendti's most prized MechFrame since while helping create the first one, she wanted a MechFrame to also honor the Gestein, which was her close friend Arendtis' Unit MechFrame, so she based its colors off the Gestein.


Matrix MechFrames
MR Agmen V2
MR Agmen V2

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