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I'm going to show you what this 'hunk of junk' can do!

Matrix Mutant Taylean using an MR Agmen in a practice battle.

MR Agmen
MR Agmen V1
Title Basic Matrix Regiment Frame
Pilot The Matrix Regiment
Gender Male
G-Power 2000 G
Attribute Matrix Symbol Matrix
Theme Song N/A
Main Allies Gestein
Main Adversaries None
Status Alive

The Matrix Regiment Agmen, or MR Agmen is a MechFrame series designed for the use of Matrix Regiment soldiers.


A basic yet strong MechFrame, the Matrix Regiment Agemn, or MR Agmen for short, is the main MechFrame for the Matrix Bakugan soldiers in the Matrix Regiment. Like Ancora, which is an extremely advanced version of the MR Agmens, it utilize litrally any weapon in existence or coming into existence.

There may be possibility that this MechFrame can combine with the fellow soldier MechFrame Gestein to form an extremely powerful fusion.


Each MR Agmen is obedient to its pilot, and to its pilot only. They are completely loyal to the cause of justice and peace, and might as well stop at nothing to preserve those virtues. Unlike other Matrix MechFrames, however, it does not have complete free will, a glitch accidentally created by the Matrix Regiment.


Ability CardsEdit

  • Radiant Excalibur:
  • Radiant Twin Excalibur:

Gate CardsEdit

  • Matrix Regiment Agmen (MR Agmen): If the opponent is using a MechFrame in this round, MR Agmen gains 1000 Gs for each MechFrame and each Bakugan on the field while the opponent's Bakugan/Support Pieces each lose G-Power equal to that amount. If the opponent is not using a MechFrame in this round, however, the opponent cannot use any Support Pieces, including MechFrames, at all for the rest of the brawl.


  • Agmen means "troop" in Latin, which is basically what the MR Agmen is.


Matrix MechFrames
MR Agmen
MR Agmen V1

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