445px-Haos FlashIngram
Type Haos Flash Ingram
First appearance TBA
Gender Female
Attribute 20px-HaosIcon Haos
Power 1000 G
Variations None
Brawler DGK
Battle Gear Unknown
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She is Dark Blade's student and friends with Mercy, Painful Agony, and Ghost.



Ability CardsEdit

  • Miracle Shadows: Transfers 800 Gs from opponent to Luminous.
  • Wing Blade: Subtracts 500 Gs from each opponent.
  • Miracle Flash: Prevents the opponent from activating: Abilities, Support Piece, opening Gate Card, and Summoning Bakugan for 5 turns.
  • Shadow Sign: Nullifies opponent’s Ability.
  • Dual Miracle: Allows Luminous to add a clone of herself the clone has Luminous’ current G-power. The only way to counter this Ability is to defeat one of the Luminous.
  • Battle Wing: Nullifies all Abilities played by opponent and subtracts 400 Gs from opponent.
  • Sign Copy: Copies any of the opponent’s Abilities with twice the power.
  • Smoke Camouflage: Nullifies 3 of the opponent’s Abilities and subtracts 300 Gs for each Ability.
  • Void Fist: Transfers half of the opponent(s) combined G-power.

Gate CardsEdit

  • Shadow Blade: Doubles all of Luminous Ability affects that have been played and haven’t been played.

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