Love At First Sight?
Season 2
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Followed By A Test Of Will
"Love At First Sight?" is a Season 2 episode of Bakugan: Secrets of The Shadows.


Firestormblaze was invited to a Bakugan Tournament, by his friend Juan Carlos. He brawls against several brawlers, including DarkusBrawlerShun, and BakuPlanet. While there he meets two young girls. The two girls names are, Nyxie, and Isabrat. After seeing him battle, Isabrat asks Blaze out. He undeniably accepts, even after his break up, with Rose. Firestormblaze asks Isabrat, and Nyxie if they want to leave, and they accept. So they leave the tournament, and go to hangout. Nyxie then leaves, and the two are alone. The two go to the school grounds, and get to know each other better. Blaze tells her his story, and how he came to Bayview. Isabrat too, tells him about herself. After a few hours of talking about each other, they each prepare to head for home. They quickly exchange contact information, and prepare to go their separate ways. Before he can ask to walk her home, she receives a call. It's from Nyxie, telling her to come home. Isabrat kisses Blaze goodbye, much to his surprise. Along his way home, he runs into Nyxie. Blaze asks her why she was not home, with Isabrat. She completely ignores his question, and begin to flirt with him. He begins to try to ignore her flirtatious comments, and go to another subject. As he approaches home, she asks if he was going to let her in. Blaze tried to respond in an appropriate way, but then Nyxie got a call from home. She then said she would see him later, and runs off. While in his home, he goes to call Isabrat, but sees as it's too late. So he decides to call her tomorrow, and to meditate on the though for now.


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