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Bakugan RP: Dimensional HeroesEdit

  1. Genetic Fusion: A New Adventure Begins
  2. Tag Team Fusion
  3. New Rivals, New Battlefield
  4. Arrival on New Vestroia
  5. The Twin Dragonoid
  6. Saving Olifus
  7. Power of the Dark Prince (Part 1/3)
    Hero logo
  8. Power of the Dark Prince (Part 2/3)
  9. Power of the Dark Prince (Part 3/3)
  10. The Mysterious Jade
  11. Pride of Water and Light
  12. Into the Storm
  13. Drakohex Awakened
  14. Bonds of Wind
  15. Dragons Unleashed!
  16. Burning Breakdown
  17. Mutant Power

The Immortus SagaEdit

18. Enter Immortus

19. The Fusion Solution (Part 1)

20. The Fusion Solution (Part 2)

21. Rising Darkness

22. Desperate Help

23. Drothkenoid Reawakened

24. An Immortal Dynasty (RP Episode)

Trials SagaEdit

25. Let the Trials Begin (Part 1)

26. Let the Trials Begin (Part 2)

27. Trial By Wind

28. Trial by Water

29. Trial by Light

30. Trial by Earth

31. Trial by Fire (Part 1)

32. Trial by Fire (Part 2) _____________________________________________________________________________________________ 33. Forbidden Clash

34. My Fake Hero

35. Questions

BRP Warfare

Bakugan RP: Dimensional WarfareEdit

The Invasion SagaEdit

  1. Warning
  2. The Invasion Begins (Part 1)
  3. The Invasion Begins (Part 2)
  4. The Invasion Begins (Part 3)


5. Tragic Losses

6. Nostalgia on New Vestroia

7. Project Infinity III

8. A Living Arsenal

9. Confrontation

10. Chance and Evaluation

11. Rememberance

12. The Story of Parasyte and Drothkenoid

13. You Are Under Arrest

14. The Day I Met the General

15. I Pick Choice D

Brawlers Anonymous SagaEdit

16. Brawlers Anonymous

17. Honey, I Can Explain!

18. Mechanical Rage

19. Vestal Under Attack

20. Rain, Rain, Go Away

21. Believe

22. Ambush

23. The Death of Brawley X Masterz

24. Speading Negativity

25. Manifest Destiny

26. Family Reunion (Part 1)

27. Family Reunion (Part 2)

28. An Immortal Truth

29. How to Succeed in Brawling Without Really Trying to be Immortal

30. The Visitor

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