Lightning Strikes
Season 2
Episode Number 3
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Firestormblaze is in the sewer training his Bakugan, and hanging out with his fans, when a brawler called Airzel-of-Haos is seen. Blaze has heard of him, from the Bakugan Wiki. A site for Bakugan brawlers, and stats for Bakugan, and world rankings too. Airzel is known there as, "Haos king". Blaze then challenges Airzel-of-Haos for his title, to prove that he was a better Haos brawler. The two faced off in a battle of light. Blaze used his prized Guardian Bakugan, Whitewolf, a Haos Lumagrowl with a fiece howl, and a bite to match his bark. Along with his secondary Haos Bakugan, Apollo Krakix. Airzel unleashed his own prized Bakugan, his Angel, H. the Haos Strikeflier, and his own Haos Lumagrowl. Airzel, who has been using Haos longer, and has more expertise wins the battle. Blaze is fiercely disappointed, and demands a rematch. Airzel only replies, telling him to, "come back when he can backup his big talk", and leaves. Blaze then vows revenge, as his storms off, to go train his Bakugan.


  • Airzel-of-Haos with his Haos Strikeflier, and Haos Lumagrowl, verses Firestormblaze with his Haos Lumagrowl, and Haos Krakix: Airzel-of-Haos wins due to his powerful Bakugan, and strategy with Haos Bakugan.

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