Vous êtes un digne adversaire, Mme Shun.

Light Serpent, A Darkus Brawler Called Shun

Light Serpent
543px-Haos Olifus
Serpent de mer légère
Type Haos Olifus
First appearance {{{First appearance}}}
Gender Male
Attribute 20px-HaosIcon Haos
Power 697 G
Variations Olifus
Brawler Firestormblaze
Battle Gear None
Themes How You Like Me Now?
Main Adversary {{{Main Adversary}}}
The Light Serpent (also known as Svetlana) is Firestormblaze's Haos Olifus.


The Light Serpent is an exoskeleton monster that floats gently and attacks powerfully. His wispy tentacles give a lethal electric shock when touched. He wraps his tail around an opponent and shoots plasma from his eyes to defeat the enemy.

He isn't used much by Firestormblaze, only to finish off a weak enemy, or to take a dive. Sometimes he's just for show. Light knows he's not very powerful, and looks up to his "high-er ups", such as Whitewolf, and Apollo. He is Firestormblaze's only Bakugan that speaks only in french.


Light Serpent is a gentle Bakugan, who is kind to all that he meets, unless he or she is an enemy. It takes alot to get him angry. He is allergec to cats, and doesn't like them. He is a gentleman, and tries to give Blaze advice, in relationships with women, which is questioned. Light is very respectful, and uses force when necessary. He is good friends with Apollo, as they both share the same peaceful methods.


Ability CardsEdit

  • Light Burn:
  • Halo Warrior:
  • Luminous Merger:



  • Svetlana is the Greek word for "light".

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