It's not my fault you split into two.

—Clovaz to Ricileon


Light Ricileon

Light Ricileon (Who goes by the alias Clovaz) is Ricileon Orochimaru's light side.

Time of CreationEdit

Clovaz was created when Ricileon split up into two beings after Sumbato went into her body.


She is the complete opposite of Ricileon appearance wise. Instead of black, Clovaz has white hair and orange eyes instead of blue.

Her clothing usually consists of white and blue in contrast of Ricileon's black and red clothes. Clovaz's hair is only nine inches long, and has twelve inch long strands as well. Ricileon has twenty three inch black hair.


Clovaz is calm, cheerful and easy going. She is kind and loving compared to Ricileon's dark and demonic personality. She has a flower of life, the opposite of Ricileon's Hell's Amulet. Her Flower of Life can heal anything that is broken or injured. Clovaz uses Haos Bakugan in contrast to Ricileon's Darkus.


Her demise was rather a sacrifice. She forcefully merged with Ricileon to stop her from destroying everything. She is still concious in her body and can usually be found arguing with Ricileon's conscious.


  • Whenever Ricileon is unconcious, Clovaz's persona takes over until she wakes up. This is what usually sparks their fights.


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