Lava Storm Dragonoid
Lava Storm Drago
Lava Storm Fusion Dragonoid
Type Darkus Fusion Dragonoid
First appearance Bakugan: Wind Legends
Gender Male
Attribute Darkus


Power 3200
Variations Darkus Fusion Dragonoid
Brawler Caroll-Ann-Audrey0770
Battle Gear Defendrix
Themes We are Number One
Main Adversary Catalyst
I feel reborn and i become more powerful.

—Black Drago reborns as Lava Storm Drago

Lava Storm Drago is a revived form of Darkus Fusion Dragonoid (Black Drago) and Lava Storm Drago becomes calms and good.


Lava Storm Drago is the first revived form of Black Drago after he was injured by Demonic Dragon, Caro gives a special ability card to revive Black Drago, after Black Drago revives, he was a Baku Lava Storm Bakugan and can jump in the air like a Baku Sky Raider.

Ability CardsEdit

  • Lava Storm Dragon Thrasher (Lava Storm 'Dragon Trasher/ Lava Storm Dragon Crasher)
  • Lava Storm Dragon Spur
  • Lava Storm Dragon Exploder
  • Lava Storm Dragon NR Gear (Dragon Energy)
  • Fusion Lava Storm Shield (Saber Shield)
  • Lava Storm Dragon Over Cannon
  • Lava Storm Dragon Astral: Adds 500 Gs to Lava Storm Drago.
  • Lava Storm Dragon Eternal Force
  • Lava Storm Hyper Drive
  • Lava Storm Dragon Blade
  • Lava Storm Dragon Tornado: Transfers 500 Gs from the opponent to Lava Storm Drago.

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