Warrior from The Sun
Type Haos Lancelot
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Gender Male
Attribute 20px-HaosIcon Haos
Power 2000 G
Variations None
Brawler King
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Themes None
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Lancelot is a Haos Mechtogan and was spawned by King's Haos Gigan Taures.


Lancelot is a large Haos Mechtogan that uses it's BakuTech abilities to the max. He has the power to speed through an entire continent in exactly 2 minutes because of his large wing boosters that King calls "Air Cavalry". He is the first Mechtogan to use the Convert System, and he usually uses it to summon his Air Cavalry along with many other parts that increase his overall strength. He is the first Mechtogan to be created from a BakuTech Bakugan and along with the others, he gains traits from his Bakugan creator. The traits he gains, are Gigan Taures' overall tower-like height. He has a small red chest plate that can scan areas and boost his power if it fnds anything that shares the same DNA element as Lancelot.




  • Dragon Boost
  • Tower Smash
  • Gravity Meteor
  • Thunder Lance
  • Electric Wave
  • Frontier Twist
  • S.E.I.T.E.N. Crush
  • Thunder Boost
  • Legendary Thunder Blade
  • Dimension Shards


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