Kraemah's escape
Kraemah "falling into his memories".
Season 1
Episode Number 11
Preceeded By Execution of Kraemah
Followed By Where it all starts...
Chapter Eleven of Bakugan: The Zatokaian War. 

Kraemah finally fled. He was relieved just to get out alive.

“I never thought I was going to escape…” his sentence circling his head. As he sat upon the rock he then concentrated on his future plans.

He found it hard to believe, but he is going to Earth, going against the one who was descended by the fathers and last and of course least – working with Xebrexia, the one responsible for Dregsus’s death. It all happened so quickly that Kraemah couldn’t get it all in his head.

He also remembers his life back then as a child he had no childhood. Forced to grow up without a family. Then that incident came back in his mind – Dregsus’s death.

Dregsus was like an older brother. Their bond very tight even though they would have the biggest quarrels. After meeting Dregsus, Kraemah knew that the world isn’t as bad as it seemed. After escaping from the darkness from his life, he once again fell into the pit.

“It wasn’t supposed to be like this…” Kraemah finally whispered out his soliloquy.

“It never was and it will never will.” A voice was heard from a very short distance. Kraemah got up quickly and got his sword out of the sheath.

The slender figure got out from the shadows. It had two braided pigtails tied down. The eye color was mostly grayish, revealing it was a male. He wore an open jacket with a furry collar and two belts on his right chest. His pants are also tied with some belts. Also one feature was not hard to miss – the feminine looks. The man was Aquinax.

“A-A-Aquinax…?! You followed me here?” Kraemah gasped for air.

“You were always a noob at stealth. Let’s not turn this meeting into something else, shall we?” Aquinax went for the strike. Kraemah quickly blocked it.

Crap! He thought. He’ll never go to Earth in this way – he doesn’t even know how to get to Earth! He then looked around him. He saw a few trees, fully grown. He quickly charged Aquinax into one of the trees. As Aquinax groaned in pain, Kraemah cut down 3 trees in the way and quickly ran elsewhere. After finding a peaceful place, Kraemah chanted the spell that he was taught to open a portal to Earth. He chanted it many times but the portal didn’t seem to open.

“C’mon! Open already you piece of shit!” He then swayed the motions harder and quicker every time as it didn’t show up. Then suddenly….

‘! ‘

His foot was on an edge of a cliff. As chanting the last bit of the words, he couldn’t get his balance and the tip of the cliff started to crumble. Kraemah fell and blacked out before he knew it. Is this the end?

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