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Debut War Part 1
Used by Blazewind
Age 23 (Human) 362 (Zatokaian)
Gender Male
G-Power 1500
Main Attribute Darkus


Theme Song
Main Allies Xebrexia
Close Relationships Dregsus ("Brother")
Main Adversaries N/A
Weaponry Knives and swords
Battle Gear None
Mechtogan None
MechFrame None
Signature Abilities
If I cannot follow orders, I cannot be a knight.


Kraemah is another Zatokaian. He is Blazewind's second Bakugan from Zatokai.


Kraemah's moves usually lurks in the shadows, and strikes when his victim is off guard. He can also steal the opponent's strength and devour him.


Like Xebrexia, he is very loyal and also calls Blazewind "My lady". Unlike most of Blazewind's Bakugan, he is very patient. He is calm and cool and doesn't lose his temper. When battling, he lets his anger consume him yet his smart side to defeat the enemy.


His Zatokai Bakugan form, he appears to be a dark, shadow dragon. In his Zatokaian form, he has a tall built, tanned skin, black hair and eyes. His usual garment is heavy, protective armor. He also a leather jacket and jeans to blend in with other planets.


Kraemah spent most of his life without anyone except the knights and Dregsus. It's said that Kraemah's mother died after Kraemah's birth and his dad left him, thinking he was responsible for his mother's death. Kraemah was a knight for the king of Zatokai. After Xebrexia's betrayal, he became second-in-command. When the king and the Dregsus was murdered, he became first-in-command. He decided to continue the king's wish to take over the planets and started war. Xebrexia kidnapped Kraemah and told him making war is not right. When Kraemah finally agreed, Xebrexia freed him from hostage and Kraemah told the Zato knights to stop. They refused and continued battling. Kraemah announced about war isn't right, the Zato knights went against him and kicked him out. The new king (son of the old one) commanded the executioners to get rid of Kraemah. Kraemah somehow killed them before he almost got executed and ran off to search for Xebrexia. After he found him, he met Blazewind. Xebrexia told who she is, and Kraemah joined the team.

Ability Cards:Edit

  • Dragon's Curse: The opponent Bakugan's G Power will stay it's original G's for the rest of the battle.
  • Element Change: Kraemah's attribute changes to Pyrus.
  • Iron Maiden: If Kraemah is at least 200 G's below the opponent, he may get another Bakugan into the battlefield.
  • Devil's fire: Opponent's G's decrease by 800. If Kraemah is Pyrus, then the 800 G's are added to him.
  • Dragon's Fear: Opponent cannot open the gate card.
  • Dark Orders: If opponent has just played a Fusion Ability, Kraemah gains 900 G's.
  • Nightmare: If Kraemah's G's are higher than the opponent, the opponent can't play ability cards for the rest of the turn.
  • Ace of Spades: Kraemah's G's increase by 500.
  • Call of the Undead: If Kraemah is battling against 2 or more Bakugan, one of them is frozen for the rest of the battle.
  • Blinded by Darkness: Play on opponent's gate. The opponent's gate is nullfied.



  • It is said that Kraemah is the younger brother of Dregsus, the former first-in-command.

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