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Bakugan belongs officially to Atsushi Maekawa and SpinMaster.

Description Edit

Kizuato is the first child born to Dharak/Razenoid and an unnamed female white Dharaknoid. 

Appearance Edit

Kizuato has unlike his father Dharak a much lighter color scheme and also light green markings on his face. He also has white colored claws and pointy* horns.

Backstory Edit

Kizuato was the first child born to Dharak and an unnamed female of the same kind. His father took advantage of a female that was weak in her mind and wanted to have a family. Kizuato was then born long after Dharak had died in the many battles against Drago. His mother told him about the AncientBakugan and the two Kings. Kizuato actually felt only disgust for his biological father and was happy that he had never met him. At a certain age his mother died because of an illness since then he lived alone and grew up his own way. An honorable way, like the Dragon of Fire Drago. The scar on his eye was inflicted by a Helios. But he never minded it, and actually considered it a good thing. Because the scar made him even look more different to his father. After he traveled for some time he found the town Bayview and started to live there. This was also the first time he meets Saphir and fell in love with her, much to Drago's displeasure because of his being Dharak's descendant. 

Later he adopts Asriel as his child and raises him together with Saphir. Again sometime later he and Saphir have a biological Daughter called Aurora.

Battle Equipment Edit

  • He wears a golden battle armor, but only when he thinks it's needed. This armor is nearly undestroyable and can take even multiple hits from strong opponents. The armor is covering his chest and stomach to a very far extent, the wrists on his front and back legs, a part of his neck and a little bit from the beginning of his tail to the middle of it, he also wears a helmet with is covering most of his head until to the near end of his snout, the only exceptions are his horns.
  • His knight armor is a dark black and is worn the same way as his battle armor. His helmet has a forwardly pointed horn and two for word pointed spikes on the side.
  • Airkor [Battle Gear]

Special Ability Edit

He can control and create purple crystals by will. His control over the crystals are even good in battles, he doesn't have to move around when using it. The crystals respond to his thoughts and even take varies shapes and sizes.

Trivia Edit

  • His name is translated from Japanese to English meaning 'Scar'.
  • He has some markings on his face, which his father didn't have.
  • The Guardian Bakugan of Emperor Barodius from the 3rd Season is his father.
  • Grandchild to the Original Dharaknoid [I fan named him Exodus].
  • He is in possession of the Ultimate Warrior Gene.
  • He is wearing a golden necklace with his gate on it, but only when on royal duties.
  • He's considered a God.
  • Has some, for his species, rare mutations.
  • Despite being Dragonic in Appearance, he is an Alien Live Form.

Small Info Edit

* white claws instead of the attribute color (here purple for Darkus) and pointy horns (normally having a rounded end) are rare mutations for the Dharaknoid species.

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