Ventus Killer tends to favour some of his Bakugan over others.


Most of Killer's Bakugan don't have very important roles in BWT, while these ones are extremely important to the overall storyline. They are the following Bakugan: Komodtrix, Nozomi, Zyris Bolcanon, Darkus Jaakor, Silent Contestir and Searing Strikeflier. These Bakugan are used by him the most, crushing all who dare to oppose him.

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  • Despite the fact they aren't revealed to the protagonists so early in the series- with Bolcanon being used first in one of the final episodes of season one, they are given this name due to the fact nearly none of Killer's other Bakugan are used in season 2.
  • They also have this name, because they are his first 6 Bakugan.

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