Kai Volan [ 改=ヴォウラン (Kai Boran)] is a half-Human and half-Vestal Brawler. He is a Darkus Brawler and his Guardian Bakugan is Betadron.

At least we have juice boxes.

—Kai, Eikouden Einferia

Kai Volan
The Masterpiece of Nature
Portrayer N/A
Physical description
Age 9
Gender Male
Hair color Strawberry Blonde with Baby Pink tips
Eye color Brown (Left) and Blue Green (Right)
Personal information
Allies Vergil Winchester, Volan Estate
Enemies None
Weapon of choice Darkus Gauntlet Blade
Main attribute 21px-Darkus.svg Darkus
Guardian Bakugan Betadron
Chronological and political information
Position Heir
Aliases {{{aliases}}}
Affiliation Volan Estate
First Appearance Valor of Ventus
Themes  ???
Current level: {{{level}}}

Character InformationEdit

Kai is Vergil's sparring partner and friendly rival. The two would brawl or do antics whenever they meet.

After his encounter with Gunz Lazar; Kai soon found himself dragged in the struggle of the Order of Grammaton against the Mephisto Brotherhood. Nevertheless, he decides to venture out in the situaton and tries to keepsit a secret from his father's wary eyes. Thus he often enlist the help of Team Einferia, particularly Vergil whose true dinosaur form he had seen.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Kai is a young boy in the sixth gade at the Wardington Academy. He was raised on Earth, thus, he knows next to nothing about his Fatherland.

Due to his unique genetic make-up, being a son of a human female (Alice) and Vestal male (Lync), he appears older than his actual age and is very tall. His hair is strawberry blonde hair just like his mother's but the tips are colored baby pink. His eyes are heterochroma ("boat lights") being brown in the left and blue green in the right.

He has the personality of a boy his age. He tends to get over excited with stuff he finds "cool" and would clamor for it even in his sleep. This includes Vergil whom he always drags around by the tail and had expressed the intention of keeping him as a house pet. He also have the habit of force-feeding Betadron and Vergil with cereals.

He may be seemingly innocent but in battle, he combines the tactics of his Father and the infamous Masquerade whom he calls "Uncle Lewis." Combining the tactics of two ruthless Brawlers, Kai always brings out surprises that ends up in the devastation of his opponents.


  • Dad, I want a Protheesaur! A Prothee-Protheesaur!
  • Had anyone ever mistook you for a girl before?

Character relationshipsEdit

Vergil Winchester - Kai's sparring partner and friendly rival. Also his unofficial house pet.


- Kai's given name is always written in Kanji. It means "Reformation," a great word that describes his father. Together with his family name, it means "Reforming one's monotonous wheel-like destiny."

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