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Jesse Ryo
Jesse Ryo
Debut The First Challenge
Portrayed By {{{user}}}
Physical Description
Gender Male
Age 21
Hair color Black Blue
Eye color Brown
Nicknames Jesse
Personal Information
Allies Barcibal, More...
Enemies Unknown
Weapon of Choice None
Main Attribute 20px-AquosIcon Aquos
Guardian Bakugan Blaz Dragon

Jesse is an Aquos Brawler who uses Blaz Dragon as his Guardian.



Jesse is a calm person who is a cold-headed and intelligent. He doesn't act before he thinks like others. He is sometimes aggresive and has a hot temper.


Notable QuoteEdit

  • In order to battle, we must have a strategy, In order to make a strategy, we must think. Well, this is life.

Power and AbilitiesEdit

He has a pair of hidden white wings on his back, but he never revealed them. He can jump very high and can handle any extreme situation.


He has no equipment.



Barcibal was Jesse's main ally and friend.


Jesse appears with light skin, black blue hair and brown eyes. He wears a white shirt under a black jacket.

Gate CardsEdit

  • Dragon Gate:




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