Thanks to all the people who made brawling on Bakugan Dimensions fun. I'll miss you.


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Portrayer Umbra of Doom
Physical description
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Gender Male
Hair color Red
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Personal information
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Weapon of choice Bakugan
Main attribute 21px-Darkus.svg Darkus
Guardian Bakugan Darkus Dharak
Darkus Aranaut
Chronological and political information
Position Brawler
Aliases Umbra of Doom
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Current level: 1084 Gs


Jayron is a brawler who is kind, but competitive. He accepts all challenges, but only really challenges people at or near his level. He is always willing to accept new friends, but in battle, he believes in fighting fairly- with neither side holding back. As a result, he is not a strong believer in throwing matches.


If you were to enter dimensions looking for him, the first place you would want to look is the neathia battlefield. While dimensions was still going strong, he decided to level himself up and become the first player with an avatar level of 1200g. While he never acomplished this, he did manage to nearly reach 1100g, and he became the player with the highest avatar level in the game (not counting gms)

For the most part, he only did training, but stopped anytime someone challenged him. He was also a major participant in the BL/BL and LD event, going to almost all of them, and aquiring a Clear Avior after defeating LD in a match.


Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Though primarily a darkus brawler, Jayron also familiarized himself with the other five attributes, as well as all of the multi-style ones. He was skilled with not only darkus, but ventus, aquos, and haos too. He did use pyrus, but only when he combined it with ventus for storm and spitfire. Subterra he used very little, if at all.


Jayron managed to obtain all the clothing (not counting the ones given out through events) as well as all the gauntlets. For his battle in the LD/BL event though, he did recieve a Darkus Track Jacket. He also obtained the Neathian Castle Knight Shirt. He also finished with a bakucoin count over 2 million.


Jayron had a fairly average collection. He did almost no boosting, but instead trained each bakugan to high levels, especially darkus ones.


  • Dragonoid Colossus
  • Batallix Dragonoid
  • Lumino Dragonoid
  • Gren
  • Snapzoid
  • Strikeflier (one of his first bakugan)
  • Phosphos


  • Megarus
  • Sabator


  • Aranaut
  • Evil Twin Dharak
  • Phantom Dharak
  • Phosphos
  • Rubanoid
  • Damakor
  • Lumagrowl
  • Ziperator


  • Aranaut
  • Stealth Aranaut
  • Dharak (his first bakugan)
  • Brawlacus Dharak
  • Dharak Colossus
  • Phantom Dharak
  • Clawsaurus (one of his first)
  • Ramdol
  • Jetro
  • Lumagrowl
  • Lumino Dragonoid
  • Razenoid
  • Viper Helios (starter)
  • Foxbat (starter)
  • Wilda (starter)
  • Splight
  • Hawktor
  • Olifus
  • Linehalt
  • Venexus (Mechtogan)
  • Dreadeon (Mechtogan)


  • Breezak
  • Lumino Dragonoid
  • Infinity Helios
  • Phosphos
  • Dartaak
  • Venexus Titan (Mechtogan)


  • Hawktor
  • Dartaak
  • Linehalt
  • Lockanoid
  • Quakix Gorem
  • Bolcanon
  • Combat Bolcanon
  • Braxion (Mechtogan)
  • Combat Braxion (Mechtogan)


  • Linehalt
  • Krakix
  • Avior (LD/BL event reward)

Battle Gear/Bakunano:


  • Boomix
  • Swayther
  • Battle Crusher
  • Airkor
  • Lansor
  • Terrorcrest
  • Bombaplode


  • Terrorcrest
  • Boomix
  • Riptor
  • Smashtor
  • Nukix
  • Axator
  • Beamblitzer
  • Blasteroid
  • Crosstriker


  • Twin Destructor
  • Zukanator
  • Barias Gear
  • Vilantor Gear


  • Raytheus (aquos)
  • Impalaton (darkus)
  • Jakalier (pyrus)
  • Hurrix (haos)
  • Rapilator (aquos)

Bakusteel Traps:

  • Falcon Fly (darkus)







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