Jakalier MK2 is a Bakugan Mobile Assault that soars through the air like a hi-tech fighter plane avoiding attacks with its maneuverability. Used primarily by Phantom Drake, Jakalier is equipped with blasters containing white hot plasma. It has been upgraded for more abilities. It's G - power is 1000.

Ability Cards Edit

Shooting Stardust: Play during the opponent's turn; Your opponent's abilities are nullified no matter what the circumstances. This cannot be tampered / countered in any way and the opponents next turn is skipped. You may also choose to subtract 700 Gs from the opponent times the total amount of ability cards activated this round. Also, Any G-Power lost in the battle is transferred to the Bakugan equipped with Jakailer MK2.

Collision Inverter: All of the opponent's abilities are directed towards Jakalier MK2. Also, Jakalier MK2 is made immune to any ability automatically by the use of this ability but as a side effect the bakugan equipped with this Deluxe Battle Gear cannot use triple abilities in this round. Cannot be countered or tampered in whatsoever circumstances.

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