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Firestormblaze, to Jackal

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Jackal is a Pyrus Tartaronian Lumagrowl. He was born in the deepest reaches of hell, called New Tartarus, just like his partner Scath.


Jackal shows incredible speed and a powerful stride into flight, spewing fire with brutal precision. He is one of the swiftest Bakugan to ever grace the battle field. When the opportunity presents itself, Jackal launches his spiked tail directly into his enemies, injecting them with poisonous venom.


Jackal is energetic, and fierce. When in the presence of the full moon, Jackal can often grow more powerful. He's also fiercely loyal, both to Scath, and later Firestormblaze. He can be quick to anger when he thinks his loyalty is being challenged.


Ability Cards

  • Aries Howl: Adds 600 Gs to Jackal and each Bakugan on your side.(Pyrus/Darkus)
  • Demon Wild - Letus Thunder: (Darkus)
  • Letus Sting Torch: (Pyrus)
  • Rip Viper - Demon Fang: If Jackal loses, his current G-Power is transferred to another one of your Bakugan on the field.(Pyrus)
  • Shadow Phantasma: Nullifies all of the opponent's abilities and returns them to their Base Levels.(Darkus)



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