Episode 14 of Bakugan: Zatokaian Wars

It was night at Bayview. However, Bayview was sparkling more than the moon as always.

Kraemah and Valentin were still loose from their homes, like the rest of the city until exhaustion.

Valentin turned to check Kraemah to see if he’s okay. Valentin yawned “Hey man, it’s getting late.”

“Is it? Isn’t it like this most of the time?”

“Most of the time? You’re nocturnal? Awake at night a lot?”

“Nocturnal? It’s just that the weather in my planet is always like this.”

“Ah I see. Well, I have to go. But first, you know your way around?” Valentin jigged up. Kraemah shook his head. “Of course, it’s your first time here. Just turn left after the street ahead. There’s a hotel there.”


“You’re welcome. I gotta run! See ya!”

Kraemah went as he was directed. Blazewind was teaching Xebrexia how to act normal while walking on the same street before Blazewind and Kraemah crashed into each other.  “Hey, watch where you’re going!” Blazewind shouted.

“Hang on a second!” Xebrexia grabbed Blazewind’s shoulder and dragged it back. “Kraemah! What the f--- are you doing here!? Get lost!” As Xebrexia was about to raise a fist, Kraemah countered the lift.

“Don’t worry. I am running away also.”

“And how am I supposed to know that is not a lie?” Xebrexia kept on exclaiming.

“I’ll tell what happened.”

“I don’t need your fancy book of bullshit.”

“STOP!” Blazewind cut in between. “Calm down and take a breath. Now you,” Blazewind pointed her eyes at Kraemah “explain what’s going on.”

“I took his words,  Xebrexia… I had to flee because the emperor’s son was going to execute me.”

“Wait.. you knew the spell?!”

“Dregsus taught you and me.”

“…Right.” Xebrexia leaned towards Blazewind to whisper in her ear. “Are you going to trust him?”

Blazewind shrugged. “No other choice is there. Be with us.”

Xebrexia gave a sigh. “Fine… where are you heading to Kraemah?”

“A… ‘hotel’”


“Some kind of system where you pay for hospitality.”

“You guys don’t know what a hotel is?” Blazewind asked, laughing. “I’m guessing you guys are still in the Middle Ages.”

The trio separated and left a while after a little chat.


Cyph entered Earth as well. Kodo was walking late at night in an empty street. Cyph found his target. Cyph casted the same spell to enter and exit from places. The portal opened behind Kodo, starting out as a soft breeze. It later became a stronger wind that was pulling him back.

Omega Robottallion opened up and yelled in warn. “Kodo! Look out!” But before Kodo could scream, the portal took him in.

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