See, there you go again. You can't let things go, can you?

Iris Evans to Firestormblaze

Physical description
Age 16
Gender Female
Hair color Blue
Eye color Hazel
Personal information
Allies Firestormblaze, more ...
Enemies {{{enemies}}}
Weapon of choice Bakugan
Main attribute 20px-AquosIcon Aquos
21px-Ventus.svg Ventus
Guardian Bakugan Aquos Snapzoid
Ventus Taylean
Chronological and political information
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Aliases {{{aliases}}}
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First Appearance A Bullet For My Ex-Valentine
Themes Complicated
Current level: No Level

Iris Evans is an Aquos Brawler, whose Guardian Bakugan is currently Aquos Snapzoid.


Iris is well respected for both her beauty and intellect. Beneath her intellectual and business-like exterior is a competitive young woman who can't help but excel. Even it if does mean being an over-achiever. Aside from this she is very feminine, and flirtatious. Because of the fundamental dissonance between these two sides of her personality, Iris chooses to deny the competitive part of her personality and entirely embrace the intellectual side of her life. Though this tends to drive her crazy. Making her do things that conflict both sides of her personality (i.e. grabbing unto Blaze's backpack to see if her brought her something for Valentines day, even though they broke up years ago).

Aside from this, she is also shown to have the utmost respect for herself as well as others. Personal space, and all.

In addition to her competitiveness as well as stubbornness, Iris is not a fool. She won't challenge a stronger brawler, just because someone else did, if they are out of her league; and she condemns those who do.


She appears in arc 3 of Season 5, in Bakugan: Secrets of The Shadows.

Notable Quotes

Powers and Abilities





According to Firestormblaze, he and Iris have an intense rivalry. They'e dated once before, which ended with her leaving him. In the episode A Bullet For My Ex-Valentine, she kisses him at the front of Bakugan Interspace Stadium, which gives the possibility that she always had romantic feelings for him.


Iris has long, dark blue/purple hair and hazel eyes. She has a tan skin tone. She wears a green blouse, with two feathered pendants around her neck, as well as one in her hair. She wears two silver bracelets on both arms; as well as a green arm band on her left. For foot wear, Iris sports brown boots that are almost knee high.


  • Aquos Snapzoid (Current Guardian)
  • Aquos Iron Dragonoid
  • Aquos Cobrakus (Former Guardian)
  • Aquos Dartaak
  • Aquos Aranaut
  • Aquos Lythirus
  • Aquos Tristar
  • Ventus Jetro
  • Ventus Irisca
  • Ventus Taylean (Secondary Guardian)
  • Ventus Silent Strike
  • Gold Sonicanon
  • Copper Twin Destructor
  • Copper Vicer
  • Gold Boomix
  • Copper Barias Gear
  • Darkus Axellor

Gate Cards

  • Aquos Wish: This Gate Card doubles your ability's power for as long as the Gate Card is active. If you activate one ability card, the effect is enhanced by triple it's current effect rate. If you activate two, it's only once. If you activate three, it's by one (each).
  • Snap Caster: Play during a battle where you have a Snapzoid. Your Bakugan gets +200 G-Power. If there is a Bakugan of the same Attribute, your opponent's Gs are halved.


  • She is one I.Q. point higher than Firestormblaze.




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