Raised from the eternal flares of victory and the blazing flames of confidence, I will defeat you!

InfinFlare, When a brawl starts

Pyrus InfinityHelios BD
Type Pyrus Infinity Helios
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Gender Male
Attribute 20px-PyrusIcon Pyrus
Power 1350 G
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Brawler Winx
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InfinFlare is a Pyrus Infinity Helios, and Winx's Pyrus Guardian Bakugan.


Evolving from the strength of the Helios lineage, InfinFlare is a legendary battler. Metal spikes along his shoulders, arms, legs and spine form a ferocious silhouette and are effective in both attacking and defending Infinity Helios during close combat.


InfinFlare is a serious, strong, strategic, and smart Bakugan.


One day, Winx was roaming around in the park. He spotted a Infinity Helios. So he brawled it. But, Winx and Tay sort of had a hard time brawling InfinFlare. Near the end, InfinFlare stopped and returned to ball form and went on Winx's shoulder. Winx thought it was odd but he went along with it. He thought Winx brawling skills were impressive. Ever since, Winx is seen brawling with InfinFlare and Tay.

Ability CardsEdit

  • Blazing Infinity: Transfers 500 Gs from the opponent to InfinFlare.
  • Chaos Flame(Chaos Flare): Adds 500 Gs to InfinFlare.
  • Nova Driver: Adds 300 Gs to InfinFlare and subtracts 400 Gs to the opponent's Bakugan.
  • Infernal Ignition: Adds 650 Gs to InfinFlare.
  • Raging Flames(Raging Flare): Transfers 550 Gs from the opponent to InfinFlare.
  • Flame Cancel: nullifies the opponents' ability and subtracts 400 Gs.
  • Turbine Blazer: Adds 500 to InfinFlare.
  • Thermo Boost (Thermo Booster): Adds Gs equal to InfinFlare's base power. (Can only be used if InfinFlare's current Gs are below 500)
  • Inferno Increase: Doubles or Triples the effects of abilities.
  • Flame Swapper: InfinFlare and the opponent swap Gs.


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