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Debut Unknown
Portrayed By Inazuma11 fangirl123
Physical Description
Gender Female
Age 10
Hair Black
Eyes Steel blue (left)
Blood red (right)
Physical Description
Allies Airzel-of-Haos, Shade, Averia Demonis, Sepelia, Renock, Kodokor12
Enemies Currently none
Weapon of Choice Swords
Dual Daggers
Main Attribute 21px-Darkus.svg Darkus
Guardian Bakugan Darkus Exile Hexanoid
The color of my eyes represents the good and evil in me.


Ina is a brawler who has no affiliation. She is rather new to the brawling world, but she is learning how at a very quick rate.



Ina is cold and ruthless, especially for her very young age. She only truly cares about friends, family, and her Bakugan. No matter who she is up against, she shows absolutely no mercy on the battlefield. Outside of the Battlefield, she is calm and relaxed. Usually annoyed when happy "Bright" People talk to her. Although, deep inside, she cares for all of her friends, family And Bakugan.


Ina has long black hair that she prefers to put in a ponytail most of the time, although during battle, she lets it hang down. She has rather pale skin, which is due to her staying inside because of her status as one of the youngest Demonian Shrine Maidens known. Her left eye is a steel blue, and her right eye is a blood red, which is because of her having an unknown mutation that runs in the women of her family.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Ina has no known powers or special abilities.



As a Shrine Maiden, Ina has to carry a weapon as a sign of power in the shrine. She decided to use a sword, just like the Demi-God sibling Salahar, who is the protector of the shrine she is in charge of.


  • Darkus Exile Hexanoid
  • Haos Lucarius Hexanoid
  • Ventus Skytron
  • Ventus Rosella
  • Darkus Hexus
  • Darkus Lunar
  • Haos Syndrom



AOH treats Ina like a little sister. They may not have known each other for very long, but the care deeply for each other. AOH also teaches Ina about Bakugan and Brawling.


Ina describes Kodokor as a friend, despite not knowing each other For long. They retain a good, friendly Relationship.


Valetin treats Ina as a Little Sister. Valentin also teaches Ina about Brawling. They retain a good, trusting, friendly relationship.


Barc and Ina are good friends.