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This place will burn, not by cinder flying or breath of wind, but by the vengeance of my hand.


Type Pyrus Blitz Dragonoid
First appearance {{{First appearance}}}
Gender Male
Attribute 20px-PyrusIcon Pyrus
Power 850 G
Variations Blitz Dragonoid
Brawler SaberX
Battle Gear Zukanator
Themes Step Up
Main Adversary Pyro

Igneel (イグニール, Igunīru) is a Pyrus Blitz Dragonoid, partnered with SaberX.



Igneel is very strict and serious most of the time, rarely showing emotions. He is shown to be incredibly protective of his friends as he watches them from afar. He was originally sent by Firestormblaze to protect SaberX, just incase Cyborg Dragonoid ever turned against him.

Igneel is very fierce when he wants to be, and often arrogant. He won't take mess from anybody, including Sythe. He retains a calm demeanor even during battle, though he is not above mocking his opponents and their abilities, yet he can also be seen praising their skills if they prove themselves worthy. Igneel usually thinks of battles against weak opponents, as "nothing more than insects pestering him".


Ability Cards

  • Plasma Fire: Nullifies the opponent's ability and brings the opponent's G-Power to 500 Gs.
  • Heat Wave: Igneel gains the same amount of G-Power as the opponent.
  • Solar Flare: Adds 400 Gs to Igneel.
  • Ultimate Flare: Adds 100 Gs to Igneel each turn for the rest of the game.
  • Pillar of Flame: Adds 600 Gs to Igneel and each Bakugan on your side.
  • Righteous Fury: Adds any Bakugan from your side, to the battle.
  • Dragon Seal: Nullifies all of the opponent's abilities and returns all Bakugan to their Base Levels.
  • Burning Vengeance: Adds 800 Gs to Igneel.
  • Protective Fire: If the opponent is not of the Pyrus attribute they are switched to their opposite. The opponent has to be Aquos in order to effect Igneel or his abilities.




  • His name "Igneel", is from the Anime Fairytail. The Igneel from Fairytail, was also a fire breathing Dragon.
  • Igneel's quote, "This place will burn, not by cinder flying or breath of wind, but by the vengeance of my hand.", is Brand's, from League of Legends.

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