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Placeholder location
Vital statistics
Location Hurricanos
Position Planet
Inhabitants Hurricanian Squad, Ruler Razenoid, Splice
First Appearance Hurricanian Throwdown

Hurricanos is a planet filled with bad weather. It never dies out.

Information Edit

The highlight of Planet Hurricanos is the giant green wolf on it, but once you get on Hurricanos it is a giant twister. One of Hurricanos is a barren waste land with ice all over it, with the other side being filled with twisters, thus earning it the name. Most of its population are Ventus Bakugan, who make up 33.33% of the population.


Hurricanian Bakugan each have a unique colour scheme, depending on the attribute they are. The Hurricanian Bakugan can change into this colour scheme on their own free will. Some Hurricanian Bakugan don't show their special one.

Examples galleryEdit

History Edit

In The Mighty Splight, it is mentioned by Splice many times.

In Hurricanian Throwdown, Splice senses that his home is in danger. BC and the others go with him, finding Ventus Killer and Komodtrix exterminating several Hurricanians. The two sides battle out, leaving Splice with terrible injuries.

Starting from season two, it becomes the setting of the series.


Local Attribute symbolsEdit



  • The weather seems to be extremely strong, as seen when even Splice couldn't stay still on the ground.

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