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—Ruler Razenoid's call for the team, Various episodes

Hurricanian Squad
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Hurricanian Splights and Ramdols

Main Attribute(s) Hurricanian Symbol Hurricanian Ventus
First appearance Hurricanian Throwdown
Leader Ruler Razenoid
Deputy Leader Slash
HQ Hurricanian Castle
G-Power Range 800-1500 Gs
Brawler(s) Baku-Cool, Aquos Rules, more...
Main Adversary The Deadly Brawlers
Theme Another Way to Die
Status Very Active

The Hurricanian Squad is a band of Bakugan from the planet called Hurricanos.


The Hurricanian Squad are basically like knights, defending their home. They are extremely strict in training, hiring Bakugan when they are 6 years old. The Bakugan begin training at 10 years old and if they complete it sucessfully, Ruler Razenoid will dub them as members of this syndicate when they are 19 years old. These Bakugan must be born on Hurricanos, no exceptions. If a soldier betrays the others, Razenoid will slice their head off, killing them.

In Bakugan: Wind Tamer, they take the role of those protecting all of Hurricanos's Ventus Bakugan from Ventus Killer.


  1. Leader. The leader is the current King or Queen of Hurricanos, and must take a large pride in being the boss of the Hurricanian Squad. The current leader is Ruler Razenoid.
  2. Deputy Leader. The deputy leader is the second in command, being the second strongest member. In season 1, Slash overthrows a Subterra Ingram from this position. If the leader is away, the deputy leader temporarily takes charge.
  3. Commaders. The commanders are regular members that help give out orders.
  4. Knights. The knights are the lowest rank. These knights are those who serve the Hurricanian Squad as major members, being those who fight for Hurricanos. The most notable knight is Splice.

List of notable membersEdit


The Hurricanian Squad has weaponry for most members.


Mobile Assaults:

  • Ventus Axellor- Splice and Scab's shared Mobile Assault.
  • Subterra Zoompha- Basher's Mobile Assault.
  • Ventus Koptorix- Windus and Glider's shared Mobile Assault.
  • Subterra Koptorix- Superman's Mobile Assault.
  • Aquos Jakalier- Worton's Mobile Assault.

Battle Suits:

  • Ventus Clawbruk- Splice's Battle Suit.
  • Ventus Doomtronic- Slash and Splice's Battle Suit.
  • Darkus Blasterate- Balista's Battle Suit.
  • Ventus Combustoid- Windus's Battle Suit.
  • Aquos Defendtrix- Worton's Battle Suit.
  • Subterra Clawbruk- Mag's Battle Suit.
  • Subterra Fortatron- Mag's Battle Suit.
  • Pyrus Defendtrix- Blaze's Battle Suit.

Battle Gear:

  • Silver Blasteroid- Avian Snake's Battle Gear.
  • Silver JetKor- Windus's Battle Gear.
  • Gold Destrakon Gear- Erupter's Battle Gear.
  • Gold WindBlade- Splice's Battle Gear.


  • Silver Slayrizer- Ruler Razenoid's BakuNano.
  • Silver Slicerix- Basher's BakuNano.
  • Gold Aeroblaze- VH's BakuNano.


  • Ventus Krasher- Splice's MechFrame.
  • Ventus Malice- Windus's MechFrame.
  • Subterra Stones- Mag's MechFrame.

Unique Equipment Edit

Ruler Razenoid invented Gear exclusive to Hurricanians. He gave them to each soldier in the Hurricanian Squad.

Gate Cards Edit

  • Ventus Template: Nullifies all of the opponent's abilities and brings your Bakugan back to it's base level.
  • Tornado Underworld: If the opponent tries to subtract G-Power from a Hurricanian Bakugan, the Hurricanian will be bought back to it's previous power level. If you try to all G-Power to a non-Hurricanian Bakugan, they are just sent back to their base level. Also, Hurricanian Bakugan can't be prevented from activating abilities and this card cannot be nullified (this will happen even if the Gate Card is not open).
  • Durandal Jet-Black: Halves the opponent's G-Power and adds 400 Gs to your Bakugan.

Ability Cards Edit

  • Combat Explosion: Any Bakugan without a Mechtogan loses the battle.
  • Hurricanian Fortress: Play before your Bakugan stands. Your team goes first in every round. If the opponent tries to nullify this ability or plays an ability before battle any time, they automatically lose the upcoming round. If they have activated one already, it is negated no matter the circumstance.
  • Gale Storm Wall: Play before your Bakugan Stands. Your Gate Card is automatically opened, and you can choose an extra effect.
  • Reflect Attacker: The opponent cannot affect your abilities or Gate Cards in any way. If they attempt to, they automatically lose.





  • The Hurricanian Squad has much more Bakugan than The Deadly Brawlers, despite being outmatched by them many times.
  • BC's Bakugan did not have to train, as they are not permanent members.

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