Hunter Hydra
Season Bakugan: Dimensions Surge
Episode Number 4
Preceeded By Rainbow Rush
Followed By Get Your G.A.M.E. On!
Hunter Hydra is episode 3 of Season 1.


After his brawl with Winx, Neos and PG went off to the new BakuShop to buy new abilities. There they met the owner of the shop, Bendo who previously watched Neos and Winx's brawl the day before. After showing them around the store, Bendo took both Neos and PG to a secret testing room where Bendo tests out all the new abilities he created. They see Wolf and his partners Ventus Ziperator and Ventus Skytruss testing out the new batch of Ventus Abilities. PG joins Wolf and they both engage in a powerful brawl. Bendo is amused by the amount of strenght the 2 brawlers have and he quickly makes a surprise attack on both of them. Will PG and Wolf be able to take down Bendo and his mysterious partner Bakugan?

Characters SeenEdit

Bakugan SeenEdit

  • Ventus Skytrus
  • Ventus Ziperator
  • Aquos Infinity Helios
  • Pyrus Battalix Dragonoid
  • Tartarnonian Pyrus Hunter Phos


  • PG VS Wolf = Interrupted, No winner
  • PG & Wolf VS Bendo = PG Wins


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