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Used By Barcibal
Gender Male
G-Power 600 G.
Attribute Negative Darkus Negative Darkus
Shooting Techniques Demon Spinning Gravity
Pentagon Parameter
Attack 8/10
Defense 8/10
Occupy 5/10
Stand Force 6/10
Control 7/10

Hollow was Barcibal's second Negative BakuTech Bakugan.


This demon BakuTech has a metallic horn and feet, crosses on both hand, and cloak-like on his back. Hollow has 2 Crosess and 2 soles.



Shooting TechniquesEdit

  • Demon Spinning Gravity: Attack typed special shot, Hollow is spin-rolled after this special shot, making a death purple gravity tornado which is useful for Critical K.O.'d the opponent or just for stand style.

Ability CardsEdit



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