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Hex Phoenix Leon
Stonedead Meta
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Gender Female
Attribute Hex (All)
Power 1200
Variations None
Brawler SaberX
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Hex is like a second mother to Saber, she tries as much as she can to keep him in line, but she trusts him ultimately. She has unlimited power, and is a multi-attributed bakugan.



  • Wave Rider: Any G power taken from Hex is returned and doubled.
  • Aquos Freeze: Subtratcs 600 G from opponent.
  • Aquos Rain: Aquos attacks do extra damage.
  • Hydro Oasis: Nullifies all opponents gates, defenses, and abilities for a short time.
  • Delta Storm: Hex gains 300 G for every Bakugan on the field.


  • Haos Reactor: All Haos Bakugan gain 400 G.
  • Blind Force: (Defense):
  • Hex Feild: Nullifies opponents gate card.
  • Wizard Prozy: Transfers 300 G from rival Bakugan to Hex.
  • Sprite Glow: Adds 600 G to Hex.


  • Phoenix Dance-Phoenix Punches: Opponent cannot escape this wave of fury.
  • Nova Core Exeed:
  • Fire Demon: Hex does extra Damage.
  • Flame Burst: Hex gains 500 G.


  • Cyclone Shield (Ventus Defense):
  • Shooting Wind Strike:(Counter Attack):
  • Phoenix Position-Thunder Strike: Opponent cannot escape this wave of Fury.
  • Ventus Saber: Ventus Bakugan do extra damage.


  • Darkus Gazer: Darkus Bakugan does Extra Damage.
  • Final Strike:
  • Darkus Gravity:
  • Shadow Splicer: Half the opponent's G power goes to Hex


  • Fault Line:(Subterra Defense) Adds 400gs to Hex.
  • Gaia Quake: Opponents Bakugan lose 400gs.
  • Terra Spin: Subterra Bakugan do extra Damage.
  • Land Shock: Subtracts 200 gs opponent and adds 200g to Hex.
  • Atlas Sheild: (Subterra Defense): Add's 300gs to Hex.
  • Sand Pit: Opponents Bakugan is immobilized, and all abilities are nulified.
  • Copy Cat: Copies opponents ability, in use or has been used.