407px-Ventus HawktorBD
Type Ventus Hawktor
First appearance None
Gender male
Attribute Ventus
Power 520 Gs
Variations None
Brawler None
Battle Gear None
Themes None
Main Adversary None

Helltor is the mysterious Bakugan that always help Guladegula when he lost his other Bakugan. He's friends with Helixopter Dragonoid, but not really. He was born in the New Vestroia but was kickbanned for the one reason: against the law. He carries the silent core in his wing symbol.

Ability CardEdit

  • Hawk Impact: adds 300 gs to Helltor.
  • Wind Impact: nullifies the opponent ability and adds 600 gs to helltor.
  • Whirlwind Impact: adds a Ventus Bakugan to battle.
  • Flash Wind: adds 500 gs to Helltor.

Fusion AbilityEdit

  • Obeyrus: brainwash your opponent Bakugan and absorb your opponent's Bakugan g-power.


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